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Russia and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: Laying Out the Publicly Available Evidence

The purpose of this compilation is to lay out, as systematically as possible, the evidence that supports, or refutes, key claims made about official Russian meddling in the U.S. election -- let readers decide themselves how they would answer the three key questions. Did the Russian government or its affiliates interfere in the 2016 election? If the Russian government or its affiliates did interfere, did they intervene in favor of Trump and against his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton? Did Donald Trump or any of his associates collude with the Russian government or its affiliates to win the 2016 election?


One last journey into the night

Israel Arbeiter had to go back — to Auschwitz where he barely survived, and Treblinka, where his parents were murdered. He went seeking peace, but found little of it.

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Ten years of war, but Afghans know little of peace

US intervention in 2001 was cheered in the north, and the Taliban swiftly beaten. But a returning reporter finds the Islamic extremists filtering back, and hope flickering.


This Russian city says: ‘Don’t call us Siberia’

Where do the Urals and where does Siberia start? We tried to find out. (A lot of Russians didn’t know.)

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For Sept. 11, a sail to remember his father

Globe editor David Filipov took to Boston Harbor to honor the man who taught him to sail.

Russia may be boosting Iran's nuclear aims

As work on the Bushehr power plant has progressed, so have Iran's efforts to obtain nuclear weapons technology, according to a Russian scientist who has worked on the venture, as well as several former high-level Russian officials.

'TB is not a medical problem. It is one of economics and organization.' 

Nikolai Bogdanov hobbled painfully down the dark, moldy corridor of the tuberculosis ward, through the thick clouds of cigarette smoke, past dozens of men in flannel shirts, jeans, and slippers, many of them with faces as gaunt and sallow as his own.

A fir pines to make the yuletide cut

A holiday fable, told by a tree that would soon bear a star. "I stretch my limbs and preen. I am a perfect specimen, in ideal shape, a tad over 7 feet tall... The competition is stiff. I am one of 10,000 evergreens that grow on 10 acres at Vandervalk Tree Farm in Mendon, a small town beyond the southwestern reaches of Interstate 495."

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Myths, Misunderstandings and 6 More Years of Bad News for US-Russia Ties

2017 started out with an air of wild optimism I’ve rarely seen in Moscow. A year later, only two things seem inevitable: On March 18, Vladimir Putin will be reelected president by a wide margin. And no turnaround in the course of U.S.-Russian affairs is in sight.


For some in Ukraine, Russia’s pull runs deep

Many Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine yearn for the motherland, but Andrei Mikhailev has one of the shortest paths to reunification.


The road to the finish line of the Boston Marathon

Stories from some of the spectators at the race.


Uneasy echoes in a Cold War bunker

Deep underground in a facility built to withstand a nuclear onslaught against Moscow, there’s an echo of tensions then and now.

Variations on a theme of love

When Michayla Baker makes music for her cancer-stricken mother, everyone stops to listen.

In N.H. town, kids grow up fast racing stock cars

Jenna was all of 11 the night three years ago when she told her father as he was tucking her in that she wanted to race stock cars. It is an age when kids say they want to be astronauts or rock stars or major league ballplayers — when they grow up.


This church janitor crafts high-end bow ties for stars like Beyoncé

In the fashion world, Bennett, 31, is the creator of custom-made, high-end bow ties, worn by the likes of pop diva Beyoncé and actor Kal Penn, and priced on his website between $200 and $750.

I didn't get banned from the Russian State Duma, so I went there.

The State Duma, Russia’s lower house of Parliament, voted to ban a few American media outlets from reporting inside its walls. Here’s a look inside.