Ten years of war, but Afghans know little of peace. US intervention in 2001 was cheered in the north, and the Taliban swiftly beaten. But a returning reporter finds the Islamic extremists filtering back, and hope flickering.

Can Bostonians really drive as slowly as 20 m.p.h.? To find out, a colleague and I tried it, making ourselves two of the most-hated people in South Boston. You’re welcome!

Workout like Batman: The Globe's David Filipov tries Ben Affleck's training program. Walter Norton Jr., who owns a gym in North Reading, put Affleck through a rigorous, 20-month program of more than 500 workouts.

Tamerlan's quest in Dagestan. Part of a series about the Boston Marathon bombings by a team of Globe videographers that won the 2014 Edward R. Murrow Award for Continuing Coverage.

We fought as knights (so you don’t have to).  You don’t just show up at The Knights Hall, don a suit of armor, grab a falchion and start swinging.

Where is Siberia? You know the place: bears, vodka, oil, very big, awfully remote, once filled with political prisoners (and now home to some of Russia’s cutting-edge computer geniuses). But where does it start?

Why more than a million Russians have lined up to see a piece of the rib of Saint Nicholas? They have come to ask for help to pass a tough exam or just to get by in hard times. But mostly, they have come to be part of a once-in-a-millennium spiritual event: Saint Nicholas has come to town.